“Enhancing vision today…to help reach goals for tomorrow” is more than a motto. It is the essence of our practice.—Dr. Wylie

Eye health is so very important to each and every person day after day. Yet, it can be one of the most neglected without periodic examination! The American Optometric Association recommends yearly eye health examinations for adults. With children and the increasing demands of computer use a yearly examination is also very important for insuring their visual performance and efficiency with studying and sports is at the highest levels possible.

  • Central retinal photography is included in the comprehensive visual examination for no additional fee. This also allows Dr. Wylie to show you the different retinal structures that are absolutely crucial for clear eyesight.
  • The retina has the highest metabolic need of any tissue in the body! The macula (the pinpoint of sharpest vision on the retina) has the highest metabolic need of the retina! Nutrition and lifestyle choices can have a huge impact on long term eye health and function. Dr. Wylie has a strong interest in nutrition and has taken several continuing education nutrition courses in order to share with you ways to help you maintain or possibly improve eye health and function.
  • The Optomap retinal camera can be used to look far beyond the central 45 degrees of the central retinal photograph described above. Eye dilation is also an important component of an eye health examination. Dr. Wylie will talk with you about when you need to have your eyes dilated or when the Optomap photograph may be taken without the need for dilation.
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