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With Hoya, there's more to enjoy outdoors

Polarized lenses have two advantages: They are highly suitable as sunglasses and they neutralize uncomfortable reflections from wet roads, water surfaces and snow. The latter is referred to as glare, and eliminating it enhances contrast, allowing you to enjoy the surroundings in a relaxed way. In short, these lenses allow you to enjoy life more in many different ways. These lenses are for people with a dynamic lifestyle who play sports and spend many hours outdoors, and people with photosensitive eyes.

Catch the moment, miss the glare with Hoya's Polarized lenses


  • Eliminates glare, fatigue occurs less quickly;
  • 100% UVA and UVB protection;
  • Vision that is clearly richer in contrast;
  • The perfect solution for people with photosensitive eyes;
  • Ideal for aquatic activities, fishing, driving, skiing and other outdoor pursuits;


Polarized lenses are made from Hoya’s thin and lightweight lens material Eyas 1.60, and neutralize the annoying reflections from water surfaces, wet roads and snow.


Hoya Polarized lenses are made from Eyas 1.60 lens material, Hoya's clear, light and most optically perfect material. This is the first time that the functionality of Polarised lenses has been combined with maximum wearing comfort.


Single Vision: Hilux
Hoya's traditional spheric lens design; efficient and effective

Progressive: Hoyalux Summit Pro
the progressive lens that corrects the change from far to near vision in a completely natural way.

Colors and Treatments

Polarized lenses are available in light brown, dark brown, grey-green and smoke grey colors.


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