“Enhancing vision today…to help reach goals for tomorrow” is more than a motto. It is the essence of our practice.—Dr. Wylie

Distortion-Free Optics™ Ultra light, ultra thin lenses mounted to hassle-free rimless frames.

Traditional rimless frames can distort the clarity of your lenses, and even cause them to break. That’s because rimless frame attachments create multiple stress points around the edges of the lens, which diminishes the optical performance.

HOYA and Avantek have partnered to create the first Distortion-Free vision system — a completely new approach to eyeglass lenses and frames — engineered without drill holes, wires, screws, or anything else that can distort your vision, or loosen, crack, or break your lenses.

This unprecedented achievement in engineering and design lets you select from an array of stylish rimless mounting options, which are then permanently bonded to the lightest lenses in the world. With Distortion-Free optics, your vision will never be distorted, and your lenses can’t fall out of the frames!

For loyal contact lens wearers, HOYA Distortion-Free Optics offers an unprecedented range of vision, like nothing you’ve ever seen, combined with the lightest weight lenses you’ve ever worn, all in a clean, minimalist design you have to see on for yourself.


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