“Enhancing vision today…to help reach goals for tomorrow” is more than a motto. It is the essence of our practice.—Dr. Wylie

Computer monitors continue to improve. However, it still takes 4 times the amount of visual effort to read a computer monitor than it does to read the written page. Most studies have reported 50-90% of computer workers experience visual symptoms. (see Computer Vision Syndrome-CVS) At Advanced Eyecare and Optical we use the Prio Computer Vision Tester that is a Class 1 medical device duplicating pixels on computer monitors. This allows precise measurement of your focusing effort at your working distance. This device is instrumental in determining a comfortable prescription for extended computer use.

Advantages of a computer prescription:
  • Larger viewing area specifically designed for your computer monitor distance. (Please have a friend measure the distance from the middle of your nose to the middle of the monitor and bring that measurement for Dr. Wylie.)
  • It is not uncommon for people to report almost immediately less neck muscle tension and some realize they are breathing more deeply and are more relaxed.
  • For those needing “longer arms” for reading there are now specialized progressive (no line bifocals) specifically designed for computer and office work.
  • Our staff at Advanced Eyecare & Therapies are so confident you will love the computer glasses that we make for you that we will buy them back from you if you do not find them to be the next best thing to high speed internet!
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