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Leading Eye Doctor In Spokane, Washington

Advanced Eyecare & Therapies is dedicated to making sure our patients in and around experience their best vision for a fulfilling life.

Our eye doctor offers basic eye care services such as comprehensive eye exams for adults and children, along with a range of specialty services including:

  • Special accommodations for children and adults with special needs, such as autism or Down syndrome
  • Vision therapy to treat conditions such as amblyopia, and improve visual skills such as eye teaming, convergence and visual tracking
  • Neuro-optometric services for recovery after traumatic brain injury or stroke
  • Myopia management to stop or slow the progression of myopia

Our eye care clinic also boasts an excellent optical section, with many of the latest European and American brands and styles. Our friendly and professional optical staff is here to help you find exactly the right eyeglass frames for your needs and tastes.

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Eye Exams & Optometry Services in Spokane, Washington

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“Enhancing vision today…for a successful tomorrow” is more than a motto, it is the essence of our practice.
– Dr. Wylie

Ensuring crisp and clear vision is only one part of first-rate eye care. In addition to testing visual acuity, our Spokane optometrists focus on the comprehensive and long-term health of your eyes and vision.

By using the latest in optometric technology, we will inspect your eyes thoroughly with a comprehensive eye exam and vision assessment. Our optometric experts remain up-to-date with the rapid progress in medicine and technology so that you benefit from precise diagnoses and optimal treatments.

Many common eye diseases, such as macular degeneration, cataracts, and glaucoma, do not present symptoms until a later stage. For early detection and effective medical treatment of eye disease, make sure to get routine eye exams by visiting our highly qualified and skilled eye doctors in Spokane, Washington.

Advanced Services Offered By Our Spokane Optometrist

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Vision Therapy is a regimen of exercises made to retrain the brain and eyes to enhance vision processing skills such as eye-tracking, focusing and eye teaming abilities, among others.

Myopia management 640x

Children with myopia are at a higher risk of developing dangerous eye diseases later in life, such as retinal detachment, macular degeneration, glaucoma and cataracts.

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A new patient to our office had 20/20 vision in each eye, and requires no prescription for nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism. Yet, for years she had experienced sensory confusion...


Neuro-optometry works to actively retrain and reprogram the visual processes in the brain, benefiting those with motor, perceptual, or visual problems resulting from brain injury or disease.

Patient Testimonials
What a wonderful practice. I had a brain tumor and lost sight in my right eye, thanks to Dr. Wylie I can see again! No one could help me until I found Dr. Wylie at Advanced eye care & therapies who changed my life and vision forever! I'm very grateful I found Dr. Wylie and his team!
- Joleen M.

Dr. Todd Wylie - Your Spokane Optometrist

It's not everyday you hear how an eye doctor changes lives, but Dr Wylie, everyday at the office is pretty close to that. Dr Wylie specializes in numerous areas of eye care that help treat visual conditions that debilitate a person's daily life. Whether a child with a reading or learning problem, adults suffering from traumatic brain injury, or lifelong struggles with headaches & poor concentration, we're able to treat the underlying visual problem and finally help you see comfortably...
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Our warm and trusted eye doctor, Dr Todd Wylie, provides advanced medical eye care services to ensure that your vision is working the way it should. Our family eye care services include eye exams for kids and adults, vision therapy, vision correction and management of age-related eye disease.

Located conveniently in Spokane, just off I-90 at the Freya Exit., we offer hours to suit every family’s schedule.


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