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Excellent all the way.

- Peggy W. - Google Review

Dr. Wylie is Great


Dr Wylie is really concerned about eye health as well as correcting your vision. The staff is helpful and friendly as well, to make it a pleasant experience!

- Louise R. - Google Review

Dr. Wylie Discovered My Daughter’s Brain Tumor


Dr. Wylie has been our doctor for years, so we knew he was a good eye doctor. But in June 2018, we learned that he is a fantastic eye doctor, and very thorough. We brought our 14 year-old in because she had been having trouble reading fine print. He discovered papilledema, which is inflammation of the optic nerve. The worst case scenario is that papilledema would be caused by a brain tumor. We had the worst case scenario; our daughter had a brain tumor!! Because of Dr. Wylie, we started asking the questions we needed to ask, and it was discovered just in time. A neurosurgeon removed it just about two weeks after our appointment with Dr. Wylie. Without his attentiveness and care, we might not have found it until there were serious complications. We won't go anywhere else for eye care from now on.

- Marchauna R. - Google Review

First Class!


The doctor here is first class.

- Charlie P. - Google Review



Amazing doctor with amazing staff!

- Allan B - Google Review

I am so happy that our paths crossed in each other’s lives.


ali h

I first met Dr. Wylie and Chris during my high school, when we worked on my eye correction using games/exercises. Meeting with Chris, my vision therapist was more like hanging out with a friend rather than work, and that definitely made it more fun. I still remember every Tuesday I would get so hyped to go see her and my mom was forced to hear my excitement for the 20 minute car ride!

Dr. Wylie and Chris were truly an amazing team and I am so happy that our paths crossed in each other’s lives. With their help and my hard work they have made me a better reader, as well as making my future as a teacher more enjoyable. I will be able to help students make sure they get the correct help if I see the same similarities as what I experienced. To me reading is fun again, it does not feel like a chore.

Thanks again Chris.

- Ali H