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What a wonderful practice. I had a brain tumor and lost sight in my right eye, thanks to Dr. Wylie I can see again! No one could help me until I found Dr. Wylie at Advanced eye care & therapies who changed my life and vision forever! I'm very grateful I found Dr. Wylie and his team!
4 months ago
- Joleen M.
My son had phenomenal results in just a few short months of light therapy! Wow!!! We are amazed at the difference. Thank you Dr. Wylie. You are a gift to us.
8 months ago
- Svetlana K.
Dr Wylie and his staff are WONDERFUL! He and his vision therapist helped my daughter and I tremendously. Before coming to his office my daughter had very little peripheral vision with his help and the vision therapist help she now has peripheral vision and has a whole new look on life. Once I saw the major improvement in her I booked an appointment for myself as I’ve always had balance and double vision issues. He quickly helped me resolve my issues too! We have been so blessed by their knowledge, kindness and help. We highly recommend Dr Wylie and his staff to anyone seeking vision help. They make you feel so comfortable and always have a warm smile to share!
8 months ago
- Kim B.
Dr. Willie, is amazing he really listens about your struggles and will help you. I have a TBI and post concussion syndrome and he was amazing at helping me understand my symptoms, and is helping me with some therapy. I would definitely recommend him.
10 months ago
- tina F.
My 9 year old daughter was struggling in school, most dramatically with reading. We had taken her previously for vision checks and we were told her vision was fine. I took her to a naturopath for other issues and he noticed her eyes could not smoothly track a pencil moved across her line of vision. He recommended Advanced Eyecare and Therapies. Through simple exercises and games she is improving by leaps and bounds. She reads for fun, her confidence is growing, her hand eye coordination has improved. Her writing has gained detail and she is now writing a chapter book when before I would fight her to write a complete sentence on her homework. It has been an incredible transformation in her life.
12 months ago
- Caroline A.
Eye therapy with Dr. Wylie at Advanced Eyecare & Therapies has changed my life. When I first saw Dr. Wylie, I had been suffering from post-concussion syndrome for over a year. Unbearable migraines and vertigo were ruining the quality of my life and I had become extremely depressed. I was unable to drive or work. Luckily, I had found a wonderful P.T. at Dynamic Bracing who suggestion eye therapy with Dr. Wylie might be helpful. My recovery did not happen overnight, but I gained immediate relief as soon as I started doing light therapy wearing my new glasses with prisms; my whole world changed. While my actual vision was fine, there had been a disconnect in my brain and my eyes. For those suffering from head injury, please know this may be what you need!
1 year ago
- Mike S.
We are forever grateful for the therapy our 11 year old received! His confidence in all areas of life and especially reading and writing exponentially increased with the expertise & nurturing guidance from Dr. Wylie and his amazing staff. It's vital that our kiddos have these foundations! And now my son has the new pathways, he needed help forming, in his brain and tools to continue to feel empowered for the rest of his life! What a gift we've been given!
1 year ago
- Christy D.